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“Extra or premaratial sex is prohibited”

I’d once spent a night at a guesthouse deep in the interiors of Maharashtra. I had to follow certain instructions (click to enlarge):

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Check out the chix!

At this time last year, Ronald and I went to a popular restaurant at Sanpada, near Vashi in New Bombay, India to drink bottles of buttermilk. And opposite, is a downtrodden ‘movie hall’ that plays old and down market moves. A cheap ticket grants you access to the ‘sperm bank’; I suspect the audiences jerk off inside! The photo above shows the ‘ticket counter’ and the guy selling tickets. Some clients too.

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Sania Mirza spotted in Bihar

Sania Mirza was spotted at a government hospital in Bhagalpur in Bihar last week.

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Seamus and the trap

commAttention: this post is a Shaaaks commemorative.

Seven and a half hours prior to commencement

Seamus stuck to his tasks. Of copywriting and theater. October would see Seamus act in a play, originally scripted in the 1950s. Oh, we’re in October. And the play is scheduled for this evening.

“16 hours it takes to make permanent dreadlocks. Now there is no time. So I’ll be getting temporary dreadlocks. With wax. I grew my hair long only because I wanted to get dreadlocks. Now though, there is no time.”

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Our youth on drugs

Sometime last week, I was walking down a popular residential colony when something smelt not right. Quickly, I realised that it was the smell of marijuana fumes. Some anti-social elements, American citizens of Indian origin were puffing away on lethal drugs. All of them were down on holiday.

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It’d been raining. Since morning. I was traveling, from some fifteen kilometers to home. Along the way, whilst clogged in traffic, I found this auto rickshaw, just up ahead, a strong, but pethetic message, it spelt: NO KISSING.



Kill Kill Faster Faster

Lisa Ray has always been in the news more because of her stunning looks and less for her acting talent. While she didn’t go far as an actress in the Hindi film industry, not many know that Lisa has done several nude scenes in a raunchy British thriller, Kill Kill Faster Faster.

Mumbai Mirror, March 28, 2009

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