I haven’t been updating the last few sections that I’d planned to keep updating on this, the dying blog. It has now died. I don’t see myself redeeming it to it’s former glory. I’d like to thank the people who’d made it a success two, perhaps three years ago. But the fact of the matter is that none of them have been here in two, perhaps three years ago. This is the last post. And I might not log in again.


The funniest quotes, tweets and signs from 2011

“There are two Heath Streaks.”

Television commentary during the Cricket World Cup. Or at least I thought I heard it. It sounded extremely funny under the influence (of).

“We need your spare balloon.”

Ross on Holi.

#supermoon Now we’re all fucked.

A tweet by an Anonymous user who’s clearly had enough of this talk about the Super Mood being the cause of tsunamis and a sign that the world coming to an end.

its scary cos he shows u a game and he says “well i played before then,” and it is a game from 1970!!

Found on an online forum discussing cricket commentators. And this one’s about Richie Benaud. The youth these days! Bloody lunatics!

“So now does he have new knees or someone else’s knees?”

An unidentified person enquiring about a knee replacement procedure.

“Sheets are always white, you’re excellency.”

The weirdest things known to have been said in bed. #1

“His pants are dirty!”

Agnes isn’t impressed by the fact that Brett Lee’s pants were dirty during the World Cup 2011 quarter-finals against India.

“A pillow really changes your perspective in life.”

The weirdest things known to have been said in bed. #2

“Ummmm… don’t use teeth!”

The weirdest things known to have been said in bed. #3

“I tried phone-sex once, but the holes in the dialer were too small.”

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“In this world, we’re nobody’s brother and nobody’s sister and nobody’s father and nobody’s mother. We were born to fuck each other.”

My response to Seamus when he asked me what I thought of the concept of brocode. A friend of his won’t make a move on another friend’s sister. brocode, apparently something mentioned in the TV shop How I Met Your Mother has inspired his decision. I wonder why young Indian boys sit and watch such shit.

I then got bored and stopped updating this.

Mumbai city traffic update

Itna traffic, itna traffic, I am getting frrrrried, actually.


Flight from Goa to Mumbai

These are a couple of photos from the flight from Goa to Mumbai.

Travel by train and bridge at Vashi

I prefer to take the train through the city instead of sitting in traffic and carbon monoxide. These are some photos from two different trips. The compartments are of a time I was catching a connecting train to Amravati. Cool, eh?

The best black and white photographs ever!

I found these photos on a blog. I think that these are the best black and white photos that I have ever seen. This one’s taken in Paris, And this one’s in Prague. Everybody loves the L’Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris. I can only imagine the entertainment provided by this busker in Amsterdam! Must have been awesome! India is a beautiful country, especially the state of Kerala. This is one of the best photos of all time! At the Chinese Fishing Nets in Fort Cochin. Or how about Kathakali? And just take a look at these portraits!